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Prikazuju se postovi od svibanj, 2016

Michal Viewegh: Bringing up girls in Bohemia ( Odgoj djevojaka u Češkoj).

This is my second novel  by Michal Viewegh. The first one was Biowife ( that is how I assume it will be translated in English eventually but the original title in Czech isBiomanželka)  and I will review that one some other time. I must admit that I actually likedBiomanželkabetter. Oh, no! This is not going to motivate you to read this review, is it?
 Well, I hope it won’t set you off because I do have some things to say about this novel. The fact that I prefer another of his works doesn't mean I didn't likeBringing Up Girls in Bohemia. Not at all. This novel is brilliantly written. It is also full of sophisticated humour this writer is known for. Moreover, it explains the frustrations of the writing process in an ingenious way. I do think writers will relate to this one.
It is a novel that is just as much about the process of writing as it is about the characters in it. There is something so honest about the way Michal writes. Just a few words on the author himself. Michal Viewe…