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Prikazuju se postovi od veljača, 2017

Book review: The Light Bearer, a novel by Donna Gillespie

Historical fiction, here we go again. I could just copy past everything I said in my last book review about Nefertiti.  Basically, historical fiction has disappointed me quite a few times. I mean.... How do you manage to get almost historical detail wrong? How? How hard it is to translate a simple well known Latin saying? Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia doesn't mean 'I'm now a member of your clan'! I mean how do you come up with a translation like that. I get it - you don't know Latin, but  please ask someone, don't embarrass yourself.  The author did include a lot of details from Roman life, too bad she got them most of them wrong. But, perhaps I'm a being bit too strict with her. After all, unlike Nefertiti, this is one historical fiction that I liked...How come, you might ask? Fortunately, this book is not only about Romans. If it was, I couldn't never make it through its more than a thousand pages. 

This novel opens up on the night of Auriane's birth. Her…