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Prikazuju se postovi od rujan, 2013

Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

I've read this novel almost without pausing. It starts kind of slow but it does have a way of making you feel inside of the story. Once things do start happening, you'll probably find yourself completely immersed in the story. With the lyrical descriptions, the wonderful recreating of times past and a wonderful narrative, it is a really enjoyable read. The prose is very powerful, there is something enchanting about it. The narrative and the style of writing go so well together. There is something natural but also mystical about this novel, and this combination somehow really works. From one side you have a feeling you see things as they are, without embellishments, but you also have this feeling that nothing is certain, that things may not be what they seem...fascinating.

The characterization is not perfect, I'd have to say. There are many memorable characters but somehow they are never in the focus, something like fairy-tale characters. Maybe that is supposed to be like th…

Epitaf carskog gurmana: Veljko Barbieri

Vrhunska knjiga, ostala sam iznenađena koliko je dobra jer koliko god da mi je Barbieri simpatična osoba nekako nisam očekivala da je toliko nadaren pisac. Mislim gledam njegove emisije o kuhanju i uvijek uživam, doista se vidi koliko čovjek voli kuhanje i hranu, koliko poštovanja ima prema bogatoj hrvatskoj kulinarskoj tradiciji, ali ovaj roman je nešto puno dublje, takva sveobuhvatna kritika režima da sam ostala zapanjena. Mislim dalo bi se usporediti s 1984 i Kafkinim procesom. Komunistički režim predstavljen je bez puno okolišanja, u svoj svojoj ružnoći recimo to tako, pa me pomalo podsjetilo i na Tribusonovu Povijest pornografije.

Vrlo ozbiljna pitanja postavljena i konačno pomalo teška priča ispričana tako lagano, jednostavno i s odličnim smislom za humor. Kraj romana mi je genijalan, a velik plus su mu i gurmanski opisi hrane. Doista, kuhanje je metafora za slobodu u ovom romanu, ali zar nije hrana sloboda na neki način? Gdje možemo više vidjeti gubitak slobode nego u nečijem mi…

South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami,

I've read the first 40 pages waiting for my husband to join me at a cafe and the rest of them as soon as I got the change. I just couldn't stop reading this novel. Like the other Murakami's novel I've read, the prose is for most part simple and unpretentious yet there are moments of such intensity and grace. The metaphors and the symbols are beautiful,unique and as fine as delicate piece of jewelry. 

It surprised me how much I sympathized with the lead character and the narrator of this story. I love the straightforwardness of this book(and the protagonist), the "I-have-no-clue-what-is-the-purpuse-of-live" type of honesty. There is some wisdom in it, despite the fact that there it is not trying to be enlightening or to provide any type of answers. 

In many ways this novel reminded me of Sputnik, there is something dreamy and fantastical about it that I really like. You're not quite sure is everything that happens "real" or is just part of characte…

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind

If reading a novel dedicated to a murderer does not freak you out this is the one and by all means you should not skip it. The writing is great, the story and the plot very original, the characters (especially the murderer) extremely convincing. As for historical aspect of the novel, it is very well conveyed and the feeling of a different time is definitely there. After reading this book, you will probably know a lot more about production of perfume in France. The scent is something I did not really see as being that powerful, but it certainly is. The sense of smell, that is so important for the novel, is described so well that it really becomes an important part of the novel's atmosphere...It really all comes together to make the novel feel real. I can certainly remember being immersed in the novel while I was reading it. Nevertheless, for some reason the novel was too much for me. Too much of what? I can not really be precise.

I can say that I liked the novel to some extent yet I…

A Feast for Crows: a very short book review

This one was a bitch. I didn't say that. The author said it. Well, writing it might have been a bitch but reading it sure wasn't it...but let's face it...almost 1000 pages. Now, that requires some effort. However, this  book is not on a bestseller list for nothing. I don't really have time to write a long review, so for now let's just say I liked it a lot.

Pisac je sam rekao nešto u stilu da je knjiga bila napisati. Za čitanje nije, ali zato plaćamo pisce, da se znoje dok mi uživamo. Šalu na stranu, ovo je dugačka knjiga od skoro 1000 stranica, ima puno toga za uskladiti, čak i čitanje zahtjeva određenu dozu koncentracije, a sigurno je nije bilo lako za napisati. Ne prodaje se tako dobro bezveze...Nemam vremena za dugu recenziju...recimo zasada samo to da mi se poprilično svidjela.

Logic of Empire: Robert A. Heinlein

It has occurred to me that when we write about the stuff we had read we mostly write about ourselves i.e the way that the book has influenced us or made us feel. Perhaps it is inevitable. One cannot separate oneself from the reading experience completely.

There is no point in claiming to be objective when it comes to literature, reading is as subjective as any experience can be and that is the whole beauty of it if you ask me. Since this is my personal blog and there is no one is paying to me to make smart comments or one sentence sums up, I can take my time and explain why this particular piece of writing is of so much importance to me.

Logic of Empire, this vintage sf story, has had quite an effect on me when I read it for the first time. Now, just finishing it for the second time (or perhaps even the third, it's hard to keep track of rereading, isn't it?) I'm certain of its literary merits, but what it all comes down to is: slavery.

This passage has haunted me from the …