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Prikazuju se postovi od listopad, 2013

Beyond Sing the Woods by Trygve Gulbranssen

I was so impressed with this novel. It was recommended to me by a friend and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. There are many reasons why I loved it so much and why I would recommend it.  So, let's get to it.

Beyond sings the woods is so poetically written, something that is difficult to do in a novel. What is interesting is that the prose itself is pretty straightforward  no embellishments but still there is something undoubtedly poetic in it. Usually it is the short stories that have lyrical characteristics, but this novel has poetic brilliance. Nevertheless, it functions like a novel. The narrative follows a life of a family living in a village. Sounds simple? Yes, but the author really succeeds in making the people and the surroundings in the novel alive. There is something for everyone: love, conflicts and great descriptions of nature. 

This novel is also a great study of human character. In many ways, it reminds me on the great Russian realists. It is always easy to write …

Ilona llega con la lluvia by Álvaro Mutis

Beautifully written, Ilona Ilega con la Luvia captivated me with its slow rhythm and poetry. The story starts off with a character that reminded me of Delboy from Only Fools and Horses. The novella soon develops into quite a story (that has little to do with British humour.) Wonderful and unusual characters reminded me of friends and dear people. I certainly wouldn't mind reading something else by this writer. I'd say his writing really suits me...In short, this novella felt different (in a sense of a change that's welcomed).

Finally, Ilona is such a captivating heroine. Lover and a friend of the protagonist, one of those people that can never rest in one place and that never surrender to life.

What more can I say? A lot more actually... this book if any really deserves a better review...When I have time, I'll write more about it.

Prekrasna novela, posve me očarala svojim polaganim ritmon i poetičnošću. Počinje sa brodolomom (u financijskom i moralnom smislu) lika koji me…

Tycoon by Željana Giljanović (book review)/ Tajkun Željane Gijanović (recenzija knjige)

I've just finished reading Tycoon by Željana Giljanović. It has taken me just a few hours to finish it....And what a enjoyable read it has proved to be! Situated in Split and (as the title would indicate) focusing on a life of a tycoon, this novel is all that such a novel could hope to be be: funny, intelligent and memorable. One more thing I have to mention are the dialogues, for most part they are fantastic and sound really natural.

The only thing I didn't like was not the novel itself but the foreword that was mostly about the person who wrote it. However, I do agree with the part of the foreword that was actually about a novel.... and that states that the novel would make a great play because of the excellent dialogues.

 It's not one of those life changing books, but it is one for one would recommend reading.

Upravo sam pročitala Tajkuna, roman Željane Giljanović i trebalo mi je svega par sati da ga dovršim, lako štivo na neki način, ali ne mislim to u lošem smislu...r…

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen : book review

What should I start with. Perhaps with what I most liked about this novel? I love the old guy that tells the story. The way old Jacob is described is wonderful, very human and warm. The story had its attractions, but seemed much more interesting because of the old guy that narrates it, because it is told from a perspective of someone who is still young at heart but losing the touch with the world around him. It somehow makes everything feel real. For him, the past is more real then the present and the way he gets immersed into his own story feels very natural...his voice telling the story makes the story what it is.

I think I've read a few novels lately that deal (in a satisfactory way) with what growing old feels like...with no embellishments, no romanticism and no bitterness. It is nice to see this in our age that is so obsessed with youth...( so obsessed with youth that I have a feeling that they invented homes for the elderly just to avoid looking at them, looking at a reminder…