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The Woman of Rome

One of the best novels that I have read in my life.... and one of those that once started you cannot put down, you just have to make trough all the 500 or how many pages no matter what. Such a sad, brutally honest and beautiful prose, I just loved it...

I think what I liked most about The Woman of Rome is a certain sense of atmosphere of darkness, filled with restrictions, a suggestions of how tragic life really is and how the horrors of it are not easily avoided. In fact, it is questionable can they be avoided at all.

We're all in many ways trapped by the society we found ourselves in...and tied by strings that we cannot ever completely free ourselves from...that is what I've gathered from it anyway. In any case, it really is quite a book.

Brilliant characterization...I just cannot believe how good this writer is at getting inside a women's head...particularly the protagonist, she seems as natural as any character can seem natural.

Having read a few novels with a si…

In Front of Your Nose: 1945-1950 (The Collected Essays, Journalism & Letters, Vol. 4) , George Orwell

Another of my 'old goodreads' reviews:

Having a fever gave me the perfect excuse to spend entire yesterday's afternoon reading this book. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to finish it. This is the fourth volume of The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell(1945-1950) and it must be the final one because he did die in 1950.

How frustrating that my laptop turned down last night just as I was finishing the review for this!

What I like about Orwell is that he is what I call an active intellectual (and even though I'm pretty sure that such an expression doesn't exist, in my mind it means somebody who thinks with his own head.) 

It is not that I always agree with him. I've gained an impression that he is obsessed with the catholic church to the point it actually affects his reasoning. (Is it me or does he have a touch of catholic phobia? I'm not talking about his negative reviews on…

Zapisi iz Mrtvog doma, Dostojevski

Prvo samo ću reći, ovoj knjizi nije lako dati ocjenu (pri tome mislim na izdanje koje imam, a koje se sastoji od više od jednog djela). Možda zato i što u sebi ima tri književna djela: Zapise iz Mrtvog doma, Zimske bilješke o ljetnim utiscima i Zapise iz Podzemlja.

Zimske bilješke su laganije štivo, opisuje svoje ljetovanje, malo se ruga na račun europskih naroda, a ni svoj ne isključuje, eto tako njih sam pročitala "u odmoru" od Zapisa iz Mrtvog doma, a napisala sam i ogled o njima zasebno.

Zapisi iz Mrtvog doma nisu laki za čitanje, ne samo zbog tematike, već i zbog toga kako je djelo satkano. Ima tu svega:
- pravih prijedloga za poboljšanje života zatvorenika u Sibiru( koji baš i nemaju veze s današnjim vremenom),
- obrade i psiholoških studija različitih likova,
- puno autobiografske građe (to je očito, takve detalje može znati samo netko tko je doista bio u Sibiru zatočen)
- fine filozofije,
- teologije.
Unatoč tome što je u neku ruku poprilično zbrkana, vrlo mi se svidjela.


Antun Šoljan, Kratki izlet

Na prvi pogled lagano štivo, kratko kao što i sam naslov kaže, jednostavne rečenice nekrležanske duljine i narativnost koja ne postavlja izazov, kao ni likovi koji se ne gube na obzorju pretjeranih opisa i mediteacija. Međutim, knjiga dobiva na dubini kako se probijamo kroz humor, pa tragikomične situacije koje naposljetku vode do nečeg ozbiljnijeg, pitanja i izgubljene nade jedne generacije.

Nalazeći konačno priču o nečemu što nije izlet, već potraga, traženje pitanja smisla, odiseja za izgubljenim nadama, rekla bi kako je knjiga bogatija sadržajem nego što se na prvi pogled čini. 

Meni se svidjela, možda iz jednostavnog razloga... bila je kako bi to rekla " bezbolna" za pročitati, laka za pratiti, nešto uz što se možeš nasmijati, a opet nemam osjećaj kako sam pročitala nešto trivijalno.

Desert flower, Waris Dirie

Another of my 'old goodreads reviews'. I remember how touched I was by this book and I'm sure I will never foget it.

In my opinion this is a tremendously important book. It is not just a wonderful memoir and a tale of amazing bravery of Waris Dirie, but also an detail account of FGM from the perspective of a victim. The reason why I picked up this book was mainly because I wanted to learn something more about FGM. I did learn something more, the kind of information that is personal not just theoretical. In addition, Waris does not only tell her story. She tells the story of other women she had known that have suffered and in some cases had died because of FGM. Reading about FGM from Waris' experience( as a personal account of someone who had been subjected to it) was emotionally difficult yet I think to understand even a glimpse of what these women go to it is necessary to hear the story as they tell it. 

What I didn&#…

Vanity fair: Wiliam Thackerey

This review was written some time ago (I used to have goodreads account but  when my old email was blocked for ever reason I couldn't log in anymore--and I still can't.). Anyway, this is a novel I really liked and if you're interested what my impressions upon finishing it were, scroll down....

Finally! Sorry but that has to be the first word that comes to my mind (finally finished!) because I have been reading this novel for the longest time. It is not that it wasn't interesting but there always was something to do and it is kind of a long book:) Although, I don't see any point in discussing the size of any work of literature, if you're going to like it , I'm sure it won't matter whether it is long or short. That being said, there are some books that could benefit from being shorter, but I'm not sure is this the one. 

Perhaps the best character of this novel is Thackery himself, I cannot imagine this story without his remarks and the novel certainly w…

Le Loup Mongol: Roman Homéric

I actually feel guilty for liking this novel so much- It's told by a narrator that tells his story about the Mongol wolf (Genghis Khan) a story of his loyalty to his khan and following him on a path of war, destruction, rape etc...

 I can’t help it, I still really like it- the novel is so well written and as time passes the narrator really grows on you (despite the fact that I don't approve his actions). It's been a long time since I've read this novel and I remember it so clearly. Maybe I wouldn't be as impressed by it now as I was then, but I'll remember it fondly...Ah, the joys of reading...especially the joy when you're really surprised by what you are reading.

I remember I had thought about it while swimming and that says something because for me the point of swimming is not to think too much and to relax. I don't plan to reread it though; I think I would like it less if I did. I’m not sure, but I’d like to keep the impression I have now.
Btw I didn&#…

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

This novel is structured as a collection of related short stories situation in a small town. The central character being Olive, the stories also feature other characters and their perspective. There is a change of view in every chapter and I found it to be refreshing (and only once in a while a bit confusing). 

Olive, a strong and complex women is a good choice for the central character. Olive is just the ideal material for a very realistic and fascinating study of an imperfect but kind human being. In general I think it could be said that there's no stereotype characters in this novel. There was a time when I was reading this novel when it seemed to me that the stories lost their connection, but it all really ties nicely in the end. I really liked it more than I expected, although I must say that I didn't expect too much( this book was a gift and first few pages looked alright but not to promising). Somewhere along the way, I changed my mind and ended really loving the book.

I …

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

“Raisin in the sun” is a memorable, beautiful and powerful play. Despite the fact that it has some flaws, I think it is a successful play. 

I liked the theme and the emotion behind this play. I think Hansberry was successful in creating the atmosphere and the setting, although she does not use much description. Yes, plays don't really have descriptions in a sense that a novel does, but what I mean to say is that she "shows" rather than "tells", i.e she is a decent dramatist. For instance you get the idea about characters from dialogues; there are no long monologues (that would be really out of place in this kind of play). It's a play that is set in a specific time and place, so it was important to recreate this- she did. In that sense there is a really natural feeling to the play.

The dialogues were really good, the conversation in the play sounded very natural. The characters for most part were well developed. Female characters were more convincing than male…

Pedro Juan Gutierrez : Havanska trilogija (roman)/ Dirty Havana Trilogy (novel)

Završila sam ovaj roman danas. Jedna od onih knjiga za koju sam sigurna da ću je dobro upamtiti. Ponekad se tih gotovo 400 stranica činilo previše...pisac sam ( u romanu) kaže da piše kako bi  prikazao zorno najveću bijedu i očaj...i to i čini...nije lagana knjiga za pročitati.

I've finished this novel today. One of those books that I'm sure will stay with me. At times these almost 400 pages seemed like too much. The author himself says in the books that he writes to show the greatest misery and despair...and he doesn't fall short of his promise...not an easy book to read.

Pedro Juan Gutierrez: Havanska trilogija

Havanska trilogija. Nisam je dovršila.  Još.
ali uskoro ću...
 sigurna sam jer prvi dio sam dio završila jučer (počela sam ga čitati na staru godinu), a neće dugo proći  i ostala dva ću vjerovatno pročitati u dahu ( i vjerovatno često namrgođenja čela, sa mučninom u želucu).
 Teško je prestati čitati, to je jedna od takvih knjiga. Što to točno znači: teško za prestati čitati? Može to biti iz sto razloga, može to biti krimić, drama ili neka knjiga pjesama, može to biti jer nas knjiga čini sretnijim, a može biti i obrnuto, pa to samo po sebi ne znači previše, zar ne? 
Zato neću reći da je knjiga čitka. Kao što je George Orwell točno zaključio, kratki ogledi knjiga su besmisleni, a ja ih srećom ne moram pisati za sitne pare (ni kratke oglede ni uopće nikakve oglede) kao njegov neuhranjeni nesretnik kojeg opisuje u jednom od svojih članaka, a što me zapravo podsjeća na samom junaka ove knjige koji je također neuhranjeni novinar. Meni za sada ne prijeti izravna neuhranjenost, ali s obziro…

Amélie Nothomb :Robert je njezino ime /Robert des noms propres/ The Book of Proper Names

I've read this novel fairly recently. Being my first book by Amélie, I had no expectations and how delicious has that proven to be! Reading a book by new author can be as sweet as trying a dish you never had before.  This Belgium writer who writes in French and had grown up in Japan and China has proven to be such a treat!  I think it is safe to say that it is surely not the last novel by her that I will read  for her narrative voice is truly fascinating. 
There is something magical in the way she tells the story of this young girl whose only dream is to be a ballerina and yet the story feels very real. The cruelty of the world is not hidden (the insanity of the ballet school, the non accepting everyone different must face in everyday world) but the magic is still there (the sense of destiny, the love at the first sight, the flight of the dancer.) It is clear that in this novel the magic exists simultaneously with the cruelty of the world and the one does not exclude the other. S…