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Prikazuju se postovi od kolovoz, 2014

The Woman of Rome

One of the best novels that I have read in my life.... and one of those that once started you cannot put down, you just have to make trough all the 500 or how many pages no matter what. Such a sad, brutally honest and beautiful prose, I just loved it...

I think what I liked most about The Woman of Rome is a certain sense of atmosphere of darkness, filled with restrictions, a suggestions of how tragic life really is and how the horrors of it are not easily avoided. In fact, it is questionable can they be avoided at all.

We're all in many ways trapped by the society we found ourselves in...and tied by strings that we cannot ever completely free ourselves from...that is what I've gathered from it anyway. In any case, it really is quite a book.

Brilliant characterization...I just cannot believe how good this writer is at getting inside a women's head...particularly the protagonist, she seems as natural as any character can seem natural.

Having read a few novels with a si…