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Prikazuju se postovi od travanj, 2016

Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad (book recommendation and review)

This is one of those novels that may take (a bit) more time to read. Now, there is no sense in talking about how long it will take you to read this one because that is very individual. As well as that infamous 'difficulty' factor, it is something that is bound to differ from person to person. It took me some time to read this one, but I MUST say it is one of those books that is certainly worth the effort. You know that feeling when you have read some amazing book and even though it may have taken you (some/ a lot/ considerable amount of ) time to read it, you end up really happy with what you did with your time. Well, I think that what makes this read so 'time- consuming' to some (not all readers seem to share this view but some have complained about the reading process) is its sophisticated narrative. However, this novel wouldn't be a masterpiece that it is without it, so let's not make this complex narrative sound like a flaw in the writing while in fact it …