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Victory by Joseph Conrad (book review and recommendation)

When it comes to book reviews, I don't do suspense- I reveal what I think about the book pretty quickly. I try to be as clear as possible about two things: what kind of book it is and how I feel about it. That seems to be the point of book reviews anyway. So, to answer the first question (what kind of book is it?): Victory is a psychological novel with elements of thriller and romance. The second answer (how I felt about it?): I loved it. That's my opinion in a nutshell. If you want to read a bit more about this book, scroll down.
This review is rather long and yet I feel like I haven't given this novel the full attention it deserves.  I suppose it is a credit to this novel- this feeling that one can't possibly fit it in one review. There are so many things I didn't even examine in this novel (the portrayal of villains for example) but I hope I managed to give you a glimpse of this wonderful and sad story. 


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Book review and recommendation: Eva Luna by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende is an author that never fails to impress me. Her magical writing style always captures my attention, while her characters capture my heart. Still what I'm enamoured the most (when it comes to Allende's writing) are her poetical passages and meditations on life. Allende's an unique writing gift. 
Having previously read four of her novels ( The House of the Spirits , Of Love and Shadows , Daughter of Fortune and Zorro ) , I can't deny having certain expectations when it came to this author. Sometimes we dive into book blissfully unaware of where it might take us. Other times, we have expectations (not to say prejudice). Being already familiar with the writer is both a blessing and a course. Having been (already) accustomed to someone's writing style might make the reading easier. Similar like with friends, we're ready to pardon things to writers we love. On another hand, if our expectations are high, we might end up disappointed.

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