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Book Review and Recommendation: The Good Women of China by Xue Xinran

Published in 2002, The Good Women of China is a book by British- Chinese journalist Xue Xinran. Composed mostly from interview she conducted and letters she received whole working as a journalist/radio host, this book reads like a collection of short stories. Most of the stories are quite sad and tragic, as is the tone of the book. The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices speaks about difficult subjects (raging from political repression to abuse) and events (ranging from a devastatingearthquake to the horrors of  Cultural Revolution). It is not an easy book to read, and it was probably not an easy book to write. At the start of the book, Xinran tell a story of an event that nearly costs her the manuscript for this book. A man tried to steal her bag, and she fought him desperately despite the fact he was six feet tall and stronger than her. At that point Xinran was already living in London, I believe. A policeman asked her why she had risked her own life for the sake of the bag, and Xira…

Book review: The Brethren, a novel by John Grisham.

Funny how when you talk about something you like, in my case books, words just seem to flow.It’s official. I seem to unable to write a book review that would be shorter than a thousand words, even when it comes to books I’m not that excited about. Now, this novel is definitely a book I wasn’t very excited to read.John Grisham is one of those authors I like, but will probably never be crazy about. What I expect was a solid novel that would keep me entertained and that’s what I got.My uncle gave me this book saying that it’s nothing special, but still an interesting read. I would tend to agree with him. In fact, that’s exactly how I would describe this book. But let’s get a more detailed than that, shall we?
The Brethren is, like most of Grisham's books, a legal thriller. The central characters are multiple, and so are the plot lines but the narrative is easy to follow and understand. The book is quite readable. It might be called a page turner, as the narrative is pretty eventful, t…

Book Recommendation & Review: The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

This review of The English Patient is a rather lengthy one, it counts more than three thousand words I tried to avoid spoilers as much as one can while still discussing the plot and the literal significance of the novel, but I still revealed a fair share of information about it. I kept the mystery of the English patient intact, though. I didn’t revealed who the patient truly was or whether he was truly English. Nevertheless, if you want to immerse into this novel more or less clueless, don’t read this review as it will obviously reveal a lot. If you’re looking for a comparison with the film, I can’t help you as I haven’t seen the movie version. If you want to read a shorter version of this review, you can visit my goodreads profile or scroll down and read just the conclusion at the end of the post (which is very short I promise). 


The English Patient opens up with two characters, set in a specific time and place. A Canadian nurse nurses a patient that is pr…